About the Illustrator

Vicky has been a doodler since she knew how to hold a pencil. Her little drawings could be seen on scrap papers, in her notebooks, and even on the doors and walls at home while she was young.

During all of Vicky's school life, she would spend most of her time on the creative components of her homework and projects — decorating title pages, gluing deco on papers, drawing diagrams, doing bubble letters for headings, and possibly making everything colorful.

It comes to no surprise that she completed her studies in Fine Arts and has been working as graphic designer and children art instructor. Vicky also has a sincere passion for illustration, fashion design and makeup artistry, in which she has competent experience in all those areas.

Vicky is inspired by colors and shiny objects. Rainbow, bright and flashy colors are prominent elements in her artworks and illustrations. The color spectrum of rainbow, to her, is one of the most fascinating things in nature. It reminds her of the beautiful Creation of our world, and the bright, beautiful sides of things around us in our mundane everyday-life. Iridescent soap bubble, in addition, is something else that amazes her. Bubbles are so simple, yet charming by their appearance and scientific design. She thinks they're quite magical. She also thinks our world is quite magical too, in a way.

By all means, Vicky would like YOU to be happy when encountering bubblemui and her friends, to have fun, and to use your imagination in a whimsical atmosphere. She also wants to share thoughts of love, faith, and bits n' pieces of her life through bubblemui's journey. Enjoy and Have a Bubbly Day!

The Birth of bubblemui®

Since 1992, bubblemui was a symbol that Vicky uses. The big head of bubblemui would be seen on her letters, notes, and greeting cards for friends each time she signs. The smiling face did not have a name back then, but everyone would refer to her as “mui-mui”. (In Chinese, “mui” means a young, little girl, or younger sister.)

One day, Vicky was thinking about her mini pet bunny, Bubble, while working. The word bubblemui came across her mind. At that split second, she just felt that was the exact name she has been looking for for her character. The little girl, then, became known to be bubblemui in 2004, the year when Vicky first showcased paintings of her in an art exhibition.

In 2005, Vicky started selling bubblemui framed art and accessories. The feedback was wonderful and so she decided to do more with it. With the support and encouragement of her beloved family and friends, Vicky decided to make bubblemui become “alive”. From here on is the beginning of bubblemui's curious journey--with joy, passion, childishness, as well as a sense of style with an artistic flair.

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